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Payment Options

Double R Jewelry strives to offer flexibility to our customers via a wide array of payment options. Whether receiving or rendering payment for watches and accessories, clients are encouraged to discuss payment methods with their sales advisors in order to determine which means of payment provides the best combination of convenience, speed, and confidence for each individual. If an item purchased on a credit card is returned for an authorized refund, the refund will be issued in an amount equal to the original purchase price minus the credit card processing fees that Double R Jewelry incurs in the process of charging and refunding the credit card.

A bank wire offers the quickest, most direct, and most secure means of payment. With the security and speed that comes with a bank wire transfer, Double R Jewelry sales advisors are able to offer the best transaction pricing for any given purchase of timepieces, accessories, or services.

Customers may use personal checks only to pay for merchandize and services purchased from Double R Jewelry. When payment by check is elected, Double R Jewelry will refrain from shipping until a check has cleared processing and payment has been confirmed.

Double R Jewelry accepts payment by all major credit cards. Customers are encouraged to discuss credit card payment details with their sales advisors.

Trades in which a customer makes net payments to Double R Jewelry for a watch of greater value than a traded model are able to render payment by credit card, personal check, or wire transfer. When a customer's trade-in surpasses the value of a watch being received, the balance of value can be returned to the client via the individual's choice of check, or wire transfer.